Saturday, 7 December 2013

The A to Z of Me

I was tagged to complete this challenge by the fab, insightful and hilarious Make Me an Earth Mother. So here goes!

A is for Alka Seltzer – a refreshing drink.

B is for Babies – I LOVE THEM! Especially my own three. They’ll be my babies even when they’re 100. Obviously, I will still be alive to see this as science is really coming along now.

C is for Cox – my favourite apple.

D is for Diamonds. Never cared about jewellery before I got engaged. Now I am like Gollum hanging out for my eternity ring.

E is for Exercise – my ruse to get away with ‘G’ and ‘P’.

F is for Frasier. I reckon I’m finally old enough now to admit my crush to myself. I also have a sub-crush on Ros. And the humour so stands the test of time.

G is for Green & Black’s 70% dark chocolate. If we run out of milk, I can manage. If we run out of this, I’m sending up flares.

H is for Husband. We’re Seven Years married, but I don’t feel at all Itchy. He had me at “another pint?” Love you, babe (and please see ‘D’).

I is for (St) Ives (can I have that one?) – where I spent my hen do surfing, drinking and laughing my bottom off.

J is for Jellystone Park. We will go there one day when I can face the long haul flight. Maybe when the kids are all over 18. I’ve been told that it’s actually called Yellowstone Park, but who am I to question Yogi Bear?

K is for Kisses. I cannot stop kissing my kids – but they can: the older two run a mile (unless asleep, ahahaha). So the baby gets the brunt. I feel like I’ve kissed them all a million times, but I worked out that even if you kiss them 100 times a day, it would take over 27 years to kiss them a million times. Time for some front-loading I think. The logistics of kissing your son 100 times a day when he’s at uni seem a little tricky.

L is for Lie-Backs. My husband gets the lie-in; I get to go back to bed when he gets up (i.e. when I send up the hounds an hour later) – the lie-back. It is the only reason I am still alive.

M is for Mummy. Mums rock. My complete awe for my mum grows every day that I progress through mummydom. See ‘S’.

N is for New Things. I love new stuff (who doesn’t?) and new experiences (within limits!). I’m new to blogging and Twitter and I’m loving it. And without wishing to sound sappy, I feel like many of the new people I’m connecting with will be enriching. So, thanks for reading and blogging.

O is for Outdoors. Best place for me.

P is for Prosecco. My life-blood.

Q is for Quizzes. Unlike Earth Mother, I love a quiz / game. Most of all, I love ‘The Hat Game’. I am much less competitive than I used to be, due to a petition by my friends, but I still like a bit of a challenge.

R is for Red Mist. I am a carrier of the family Rage gene, and occasionally I will explode. It’s all over in seconds but it’s white hot at the time. It’s also completely disproportionate. For example, I will take a parking ticket in my stride, but make Dastardly noises if someone makes my cappuccino a bit heavy – and God help them if it’s not decaf.

S is for Siblings. I’ve got five, all younger, and I bloody love them! I can’t wait till they all have kids. We’ll be able to start a small independent state, like Liechtenstein.

T is for, well, Tea. Drink of champions and essential receptacle of biscuitry. I always have a bag with me, being a decaf Earl Grey kinda gal.

U is for Utter Joy in my kids. Every couple of weeks, I get a flash of this, and it makes it all worthwhile.

V is for Vegetarian. Just in case you have me round, yes I do mind if you stir the mushroom risotto with the same spoon you just turned the chicken with.

W is for Wry. I find everything is better viewed with a cocked eyebrow.

X is for ‘X-Factor vs Strictly’? I am Strictly all the way, though I do have this seasonal affliction, a bit like flu: winter Barlow crush.

Y is for Yearning. I would so love to be the perfect mother. I feel like I’m just scratching at the edges of it most of the time.

Z is for Zzz’s. I know it’s been said before, but it’s all I think about.

I’d love to read your ‘A to Z of me’. In particular, I’m tagging @HoveDad@emmaandalfie_91, @buriedwithkids, and @Devondad_co_uk to share yours, if you have time.

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